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Solar Powered Gate Openers
Solar Powered Gate Operators
USAutomatic Solar Gate Openers

 USAutomatic began manufacturing the Patriot gate operator in 1995 and offers a 5 year control board warranty with 3 years on all other components. The Patriot is made in the USA and replacement parts are readily available. The Warner actuator arm weighs 27lbs, works with a dependable 33 amp battery and charge controller. Solar charged gate operators from USAutomatic are the most efficient in the industry. Simply put, we find the Patriot gate opener to be the best unit available for most applications.   
 Patriot solar gate openers include a high efficiency 6 watt solar panel with mounting bracket and charge controller. The solar panel included will increase the charging capabilities on cloudy days and in partial shade conditions. This panel will allow our gate openers to provide more cycles per day than all other solar operators in the market. The charge controller included will prevent overcharging, extend battery life and improve the charging performance of the solar panel. Using the Patriot Control Board to control a photo eye and using solar friendly accessories, you can design and install a complete system. USAutomatic continues to work with accessories and control board design to offer methods and products to reduce battery drain. For solar installations of more than 50 cycles per day please consult us for design assistance.
 Recommended Battery - Group U-1, 33 amp maintenance free AGM or lead acid.


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